The Braemar Group 

hospitality - construction - commercial real estate

The Braemar Group is a commercial and hospitality development company in Western Canada. Our passion for success has resulted in over a 40 years of proven results. The Braemar Group's strategic growth has primarily been focused on Commercial and Hospitality Development. 

Redefining Hospitality In Today's Competitive Market
In the highly complex world of the hotel business today, there is no room for error. Competition is fierce. Costs are rising. Recruiting and retaining quality employees is more difficult than ever. There are literally hundreds of critical decisions and details that have to be attended to in a successful operation each and every day. Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Franchise Compliance all play a part in the success of any property. The Braemar Group has been recognized for its Award Winning hotel construction and management on several occasions. 

The Braemar Group continues to expand its award winning hospitality and commercial leasing portfolio and prides itself in the quality of its 150+ employees and their dedication to exceptional service and entrepreneurial spirit. 

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